Technique 1: Invitations

This first technique is about invitations. This can either be invitations to explain or expand for understanding; invitations to explain or expand for connection, or constructing a connection between ideas or participants. Constructing a connection involves explicit references within a post, thread, or discussion, that indexes a specific name or piece of a previous post.

Strategies/examples of invitations are as follows:

  • "Where were you when you took this picture? "
  • "Is this typical artwork/scene/picture for that environment/setting/area?"
  • "What do others think?"
  • "How would you rephrase that question?"
  • "Can you explain..."

Strategies/examples of constructing connections between people and ideas are as follows:

  • "As so and so mentioned..."
  • "I was also wondering that..."
  • "Someone else mentioned the same thing"