Facilitation Techniques

During Experimonth and Feedersketch, we tried a range of facilitation techniques with a variety of different activities. The list to the right gives a brief overview of the different ways to engage participants, but the results of our research suggests that Facilitation Technique #1, invitations, led to the most "learning moments" during our study.
To view all of these techniques in one document, download the facilitation cheat sheet here.
While these facilitation techniques were not the only interaction facilitators had with participants, wherever possible our facilitators tried to use the outlined techniques for designated activities to test them for research purposes.
Whenever a "better" experience could be had through the use of an alternate or otherwise undefined technique, facilitators were encouraged to respond in a way that created a better experience.

Watch the video below, where our facilitators discuss what makes a good question:
But sometimes, as illustrated in the video below, silence can be an effective way to facilitate:
Lastly, choosing which facilitation techniques to use is not only dependent on what we want from participants or how to ask a good question, but our own unique facilitation style. Watch the video below where our facilitators discuss how to deal with facilitation techniques that didn’t feel like they fit their personalities: